During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to use the same system of providing clubs as we have in the past due to contamination concerns.

Instead, we are providing sets of clubs through three different options to participants – renting a used set, purchasing a used set, or purchasing a new set.

Type of Equipment Cost
Purchase New $80, click here for more information
Purchase Used $40
Rent Used $10


Rental sets are your to keep during the duration of the session. You will be asked to return or purchase it on the last day of the session.

If participants are interested in keeping rented sets after the session, parents may pay $30 to keep their set.

To let us know your child needs a rental set, please answer the question at registration asking if your child has equipment. You will be contact by Katie Harris to coordinate your set


When do we get the clubs?

The clubs will be there and ready for you when you start the program next week.

Do we have to pay $10 a week?

Nope! the cost is a one-time cost for the session that you pay on the first week.

Do we leave the clubs with you each week?

Nope! They go home with you each week, and you do not have to return them to us until the end of the session.

Can we purchase them if we want to keep them?

Of course!! Anytime you’d like to purchase to keep them, just let us know. You would only pay another $30 to make up the total $40 cost.

Can we pre-pay the rental fee before next week?

Please contact Katie Harris at kharris@thefirstteedallas.org if you have more questions about rental equipment.