Drew Griffith

First Tee Birdie to Eagle Essay

The significance of creating a goal ladder is it helps an individual achieve something in life by working hard for what is needed to achieve the goal and planning step by step mini goals which ultimately lead to the big goal. In order to reach a goal, you must have a plan of steps that you want to accomplish in order to reach that goal. A goal ladder is exactly like that only the next goal is more challenging than the first goal. A goal ladder contains the four guidelines of creating successful goals which are: the goal must be important to him/her, the goal must be stated positively, the goal must be stated specifically, and the goal must be under his or her control. The four guidelines of creating successful goals can be implemented in goal ladders which helps you to achieve goals that you set daily.

An example of the four guidelines and a goal ladder in real life is when I decided to apply for Jesuit for high school. In order to achieve the goal of getting into Jesuit, I had to complete a series of other mini goals leading to an opportunity of being admitted into Jesuit. In order to create my goal ladder, I had to ask myself many questions: Is this goal important to me, have I stated this positively, did I state this specifically, and is this goal under my control. After I evaluated and contemplated this, I created a goal ladder. My goal ladder consisted of these goals: 1. Meet with Mr. Bill Schaffler, a graduate of Jesuit and friend of the family, to request a personal recommendation from him. 2.Write a great application to mail to Jesuit. 3. Get at least a 7 or above on my ISEE (Private School Admission Test). 4. Get all A’s in my 8th grade year. 5. Get accepted to Jesuit.  After I completed each of the steps on my goal ladder, I eventually reached my final goal of getting accepted into Jesuit when I received a letter of acceptance into the Freshman class of 2018 in March 2014.

Another example of a goal ladder applied in daily life is my goal to improve my golf game. The goal ladder I have established for myself is: 1. Practice putting and chipping 30 minutes each day. 2. Go to the range and hit balls for an hour and a half at least three times a week.  3. Play a round of golf at least twice a week. 4. Play in 5 tournaments in the Spring of 2015. 5. To be selected into the Jesuit golf team in the fall of 2015.

The message from these examples is that goals are a necessity in daily life and creating a goal ladder helps us to achieve these goals easier by putting hard work toward the goal. If we didn’t have goals in our lives, how would we ever achieve anything in life, such as go to college, get a 98 on the math test, run on the treadmill more often, and eat healthier. Goals allow us to grow and develop life skills, teach us how to work hard, and to achieve milestones in our lives.