Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join The First Tee of Greater Dallas?
Anyone age 7 – high school graduation

What is the cost?
$80 per 8 week season. Yes, $80 covers everything the child will need for the entire season. One of The First Tee of Greater Dallas’ objectives is to make the game affordable and accessible to all. If your family is unable to afford the $80 program fee, The First Tee is able to provide full ($70) or partial ($40) need-based financial assistance.

When can we join The First Tee of Greater Dallas?
Kids and families can join the program at any time as long as space is available. The First Tee of Greater Dallas programs operate year-round from February through December. Throughout the year we conduct 3, 4 – 8 week seasons (Spring (Mar – May) , Summer (June) , Summer Camps , Fall  (Sept-Nov.). Many kids and families join The First Tee and become members for life; taking advantage of the many opportunities that The First Tee provides to its older members such as out of town trips, college scholarships, and career exploration.

My child has already played golf. What level do they start with?
All participants, regardless of golf knowledge and experience, start at the PLAYer level. The reason for this is The First Tee’s proprietary curriculum (fancy words for in-house created), called the Life Skills Experience, is not just about golf skills, but core values and life skills integrated with golf skills and knowledge. If your child has played golf before, or is already competitive, please contact your program manager to discuss their progress through our program.

What if my child does not have golf equipment?
The First Tee of Greater Dallas provides equipment that participants may borrow during program times.

Could you describe a typical program day?
0:00 – Youth check-in, registration, welcome, overview of day’s activities
0:10 – Groups of 20-30 youth break up into 3 groups of 8-10 youth based on level, age, and/or ability
0:15 – Begin carousel of activities ranging from putting games/exercises, chipping games/exercises, pitching games/exercises, full swing games/exercises, on-course games/exercises. (In addition to the golf skills, The First Tee also emphasizes that the participants learn to demonstrate basic life skills such as properly introducing themselves, managing their emotions, setting goals, and appreciating diversity. These lessons are seamlessly integrated into the golf activities, games, and exercises).
1:15 – Wrap-up and reflect on the day’s activities and lessons and make general announcements
1:30 – Dismissal

Where can I find a The First Tee of Greater Dallas program?
Click Here for our program locations, and click here to see what programs we currently have registering.